To the Class of 2018

June 2018

Dear LTS Class of 2018,

Congratulations to you and your families on this happy occasion!

Your encompassing experiences here at LTS were realized through the complete dedication of your parents and teachers, for whom we are grateful, and your own purposeful investments in your own growth.

One of the compelling lessons you learned daily at LTS is how to influence society through ethical living – whether by devoting yourself to community service, including a classmate, or joining a team or club.  We expect you to carry these values forward into higher education and then as you secure your places in commerce and the arts and sciences, and build communities – and as you teach your own children and students.  The wisdom and strong leadership skills you have acquired from being part of our school family, your competencies in diverse realms of studies, and your strong connections to the American and human experiences will all guide you on the path that is your limitless future.

You now have the tools to engage the world around you and to act for the common good.  Allow the relationships you have formed to carry your dreams in all of your endeavors beyond high school.  We are privileged to have been, we hope, beacons to your powerful destinies ahead.

You will be singing new songs.  Whether synthesized through a Digital Audio Workstation or straight from the heart, we await the music you will be creating in all of your tomorrows, and are confident of the mark you will be making, as Long Trail School alumni, in an infinite array of public and private spheres.  We wish you success and health in all of your endeavors.

May you go from strength to strength.  We are proud of you.

/s/ Seth Linfield

Head of School