ABBA and Technology

October 16, 2020

Dear ABBA Families, 

Thank you for your continued commitment to the success of our ABBA distance learning program! 

From the program’s inception, LTS recognized that ABBA would not match the compelling intimacy of live instruction. Each course demands different optimal percentages of face-to-face, real-time/virtual, and asynchronous/virtual components. We deliberately chose the acronym, ABBA, to represent “Additional Best Beginning Anywhere”.  Our faculty have collectively invested hundreds of hours, and the school thousands of dollars, in propelling this purposeful program forward.

LTS intends to enhance the reliability of our delivery to our ABBA students.  By next Friday, October 23, we will complete our ongoing project to implement a tenfold increase to our internet connection speed.  To reach an even higher level of technical capacity across our platforms, our IT Director, Jeremy Crumb, will work with a highly respected systems expert from Albany to complete a comprehensive analysis of the technology we are using for the ABBA program.  The consultant will begin on Monday, October 19.  We expect that this consultant will confer with our ABBA students and our faculty to discern technology needs and gaps. We will continue to deploy abundant resources to boost our ABBA distance learning program’s technical capacity.

To facilitate this process, Chelley Tifft has graciously agreed to serve as the ABBA Family Liaison.  Chelley will directly coordinate with you and the relevant professionals to solve any problem relating to the technology for home learning.  We have set up a dedicated email,, which will automatically go to Chelley and Jeremy, so they may address glitches in real-time.  This email will also automatically copy Mary Ellen, Katie, and me.  You can also reach Chelley at 802.867.5717 x190. 

We are devoted to our ABBA students and families. Peg Gregory, our Director of Health and Wellness at the Center, and her team will be reaching out to you with counseling and social work supports for our ABBA students. Our ABBA students are already taking part in co-curricular and interscholastic activities.  

Keep letting us know how we are doing; we warmly invite your observations and ideas.  Please provide your feedback to  As we all grow together in our collective learning community, we are grateful for your continuing support.

Stay safe, kind, and hopeful,

/s/ Seth Linfield

Head of School