Affiliated Musicians Program

Long Trail Affiliated Musicians Program

The LTS Affiliated Musicians Program is designed to enhance our unique classroom music program with individualized instruction and special ensemble performance opportunities.  

Participating students will be paired with either their current private instructor or an LTS-affiliated musician, from whom they will have a series of lessons booked outside regular school hours.  LTS will share the cost of lessons at a ratio to be determined by the number of participants.  Some lessons may take place at LTS, some locally, and some via Zoom, depending on the circumstances.  

At the end of each semester, the students will perform in a showcase concert featuring solo and ensemble works curated and directed by LTS Music Director Geoffrey Gee.


Auditions will be held at the opening of the semester to determine the makeup of the ensemble and assess each student’s current skills.  This will help to recommend the right teacher and plan repertoire for the showcase.

  1. Complete the registration questionnaire. Auditions will be during school hours.  
  2. Bring your instrument (or arrange to borrow one of ours) and examples of music you have studied (method books, sheet music, exercises, etc). 
  3. Play an excerpt from this material that you have prepared/refreshed for the audition.
  4. Geoffrey will listen to your excerpt, ask about scales or other exercises, present some sight reading material, and ask you to improvise.  
  5. Don’t stress about the audition. Its purpose is simply to plan the best course of study for you!


Students in grade 6-12 who can commit to private lessons and can procure their own instrument with which to practice are eligible.  Vocalists are also eligible for private voice study.

For more information, please contact:
Geoffrey Gee
Upper School Music Director
(802) 867-5717 x216


Travis Dobson


Geoffrey Gee


Christopher Giannitti

bass, voice, theory

Russ Gold


Erin Kennedy


Perri Morris


François Sécordel


Cyrstal Spontak


Matt Steckler