Fall 2020 Athletics COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Fall 2020 Athletics COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Community has always been at the heart of LTS, perhaps now more than ever. 

Safeguarding the health of our athletes, their families, and our coaches while providing meaningful preseason training is Long Trail’s top priority.

You can learn more about the larger LTS response here. We recommend bookmarking the CDC’s website, as well as the Vermont Department of Health, for the latest developments. 


  • Athletes MUST have a MINIMUM of 2 water bottles to participate in practice.
  • Extra belongings must be minimal and kept organized and separate.
  • Please ensure your emergency contact information is current.
  • If someone else is picking up or dropping off your athlete, please make sure they are aware of these protocols.

Varsity Preseason

  • Varsity athletes will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms upon arrival at practice.
  • Long Trail has purchased Bluetooth thermometers for each family.  Thermometers easily connect to the Kinsa App on your Smartphone. Athletes attending conditioning sessions will receive a thermometer at the beginning of their first session.
  • The student’s temperature should be taken, and the Kinsa App questions completed prior to leaving home.
  • Students should show the “thumbs up” sign in the Kinsa App to their coach prior to leaving their vehicle.
  • IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE KINSA APP: Athletes must remain in their cars while a coach takes their temperature and asks them a series of screening questions.
  • If an athlete should fail a temperature or screening, they will not be permitted to attend practice that day and must leave campus immediately.
  • If an athlete becomes ill at any point during the season, they must notify their coach immediately.

Middle School 

  • Voluntary preseason strength and conditioning exercises will be virtual and completed at home.
  • Middle School athletes will receive their Kinsa App and Bluetooth thermometer with the rest of the student body prior to the start of school.

Participation if Enrolled in ABBA Distance Learning

  • LTS expects a student taking part in live athletics to be attending in-person classes for the relevant time span. A student who has elected our ABBA distance learning option may petition for an exemption from this policy by submitting an Accommodation Request Form.

Practice during A/B Day Schedule

  • Participation in practice on learning days when a student is not on campus is encouraged, but not required. 

Parent/Guardian Pick-up from On-Campus Practice

  • Girls and Boys Varsity Preseason: Pick-up location is the parking area by the athletics shed.
  • Girls and Boys Middle School: Pick-up location is the main school parking lot.
  • Parents and family members are asked to remain in their cars.
  • Athletes will be released from practice directly to their cars.

Although much is beyond our control, your thorough understanding and compliance with the following protocols can lessen the risk to everyone. We ask for your patience and understanding as we implement the following COVID-19 protocols from the Vermont Principals’ Association (VPA):

  1. LTS will be opening school in Step II of the Vermont Department of Education’s Strong and Healthy Start. This means that schools may begin practice and conduct inter-squad scrimmages within our school program, but cannot play games or scrimmages against other schools. We must be in Step III for a minimum of 5 days before games can begin.
  2. Games and meets may only involve Vermont-based teams or teams from counties eligible for quarantine-free travel in other states.
  3. Facial coverings are required to be worn by all players, coaches, officials, staff, and spectators at all times, including during active play (with exceptions for cross country runners).
  4. No jamboree or tournament-style play is currently allowed.
  5. When athletes are not actively participating or competing, appropriate physical distancing should be maintained.
  6. The number of spectators should be limited as much as possible and measures put in place to ensure social distancing between households.
  7. The total number of spectators is currently limited to 150 for outdoor events.
  8. There can be no spitting on sidelines or on the field.
  9. There can be no sharing of water bottles.
  10. There will be no shared gear.
  11. Parents/caregivers/designated adults are encouraged to transport participants to off-site games in order to minimize bus population.
  12. Anyone utilizing bus transport is required to wear facial coverings while on the bus.
  13. LTS will follow the VPA’s encouragement to be sensitive to any barriers to student participation and every reasonable accommodation will be made to provide equitable access for all athletes.
  14. All coaches, students, officials, and other contest personnel will be screened for signs/symptoms before any training session or competition.
  15. Artificial noisemakers will be used to signal in place of traditional whistles.
  16. Team meetings will be structured to limit congregation and ensure physical distancing.
  17. Cleaning schedules will be created and implemented for all athletic facilities to mitigate any communicable disease.
  18. Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations will be made available.
  19. Athletes must wash their hands for 20 seconds with water and soap before touching any surface or participating in training.
  20. Travel considerations will maximize local games for middle school teams.

If you have any questions or concerns, now or over the course of the season, please do not hesitate to reach out to the coaching staff or Athletics Director.

At this time, non-school employees/students are not allowed on school grounds. 

You must remain in your vehicle when dropping off or picking up your athlete. 

Please consider calling, texting, or emailing the coaching staff outside of school hours with any comments or concerns. 

Rene Navarrete, Boys Varsity Soccer Coach


Kevin Murphy, Girls Varsity Soccer Coach


George McLaughlin, Boys Middle School Soccer Coach


Kat Clemow, Girls Middle School Soccer Coach



Kim Rizio, Golf Coach



Todd Smith, Cross Country Coach


Mike Olson, Athletics Director



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