Attack on Capitol

January 11, 2021

At the close of the Constitutional Convention, a group of citizens queried Benjamin Franklin about what type of government the delegates had formed. His answer: “A republic, if you can keep it.” 

At Long Trail School, we build ethical character and the capacity for courageous action. Our classes depend upon reasoned discourse, questioning, and speaking up.  LTS always has been and always will be grounded in integrity and invested in equity and inclusion.  Our commitments to our social contract and protecting the common good have formed our responses to the pandemic.  These same engagements create pathways for preserving the rule of law.  We hold ourselves accountable every day for putting our students in a position to keep a flourishing democracy.  

Upon returning to school, LTS will hold forums for our students to process what we witnessed at the Capitol last week.  Faculty Dr. Natalie Coe, Julia Craig, and Tim Smith will lead the forums, supported by counselors Patricia Swayne and Cindy Mowry. These forums will be rigorously non-partisan. However, we will speak with moral clarity. Political views vary, but LTS will accept nothing which diminishes a civil society, including spreading disinformation or violence. 

This is the time to redouble teaching our students, your children, how self-government should work.  If you, however, feel that your child(ren) may not be ready to take part in our programming, please reach out to Health and Wellness at the Center: or Ahead of our school conversations, below is a list of resources to facilitate your discussions with your child.

As we begin this new term, we are confident that what we offer each other at LTS can cultivate the promise that will nurture a better future for all.

Stay safe, kind, and hopeful,

/s/ Seth Linfield

Head of School

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