The Long Trail School community values shared educational experiences. Therefore, it is our expectation that students will attend all regularly scheduled school appointments including classes, athletic and arts commitments, trips, assemblies and special activities. We expect and appreciate parents’ cooperation in these policies. Routine medical and dental appointments should be made after school, during vacations or on weekends.

Attendance Policy

A student may not exceed 8 class absences per semester. After the 8th class absence, quarter grades will be reduced as follows:

  • 9th class = 5 points off
  • 10th class = 7 points off
  • 11th class = 9 points off
  • 12th class = 11 points off

If a quarter grade is reduced due to attendance, there will be a note in the quarter grade comments. A parent meeting with the Dean of Students may be requested if absences begin to accrue. Extracurricular participation in activities such as sports, clubs and organizations, performances and/ or school sponsored events may be jeopardized.

A student whose health prevents him/her from staying within these limits will meet with the Dean of Academics to determine the next appropriate steps, which may include a leave of absence. Attendance is an essential part of the school experience and LTS cannot reasonably accommodate extended absences.

The school day begins at Long Trail at 8:00 am. Students are expected to arrive no earlier than 7:30 am. In addition, students are expected to depart campus within 15 minutes of their last school obligation, including after-school activities.

For safety purposes, students who are late to school or departing early MUST sign in and out with the receptionist.

Lateness (Tardy)

Students who are late to school must sign in at the front desk.


The school will make its own determination about whether to open late, close early, or cancel school for inclement weather. This information will be distributed via One Call Now (an automated message sent to all families), on Facebook and on Instagram. An announcement will be posted on the School’s website and with local television and radio stations. Students are expected to complete homework due that day and check their school email account for any changes.

Reporting Absences

Students are responsible for initiating the process for making up work after an absence.

  • Illnesses: Parents must contact the receptionist by 7:30 am. Students who become ill during the day must report immediately to the Dean of Students, who will assist with arrangements to go home.
  • Planned absences: The school must be alerted, in advance, if a student plans to miss a class, athletic commitment or special program. A planned absence form must be completed and submitted two days prior to the absence.

Make Up Work

Students are responsible for initiating the process for making up work after an absence as follows:

Illnesses: Students should expect to submit all homework assignments, including long-term papers and projects, upon return to class. Missed in-class assessments must be made up the day the student returns, unless otherwise arranged by the student with the teacher. If the student is absent for part of a day, s/he is expected to make up missed tests or quizzes, or turn in papers on that day. The student receives a 24-hour reprieve if s/he is absent the day before a test, and, as a result, misses new material.
Extended Absences due to Illness: In the event that a student is absent for three or more consecutive classes in a particular course, or three or more consecutive school days due to illness, s/he must be prepared to submit all homework and make up all missed class work, including tests, within 48 hours of return to class, unless otherwise arranged by the student and teacher.
Planned Absences: Students must coordinate the submission of all homework, papers, projects, or other out-of-class assignments before departure. Missed in-class exercises must be made up the day the student returns unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher.

Absences During Exams

Only under extreme circumstances, and with approval from the Dean of Academics, may students delay an exam because of illness. Students who are absent from an exam due to illness must provide a note from a physician who has treated the student outlining the condition, treatment, and reason the student was unable to take the exam.


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