‘Tis the season for early college admissions decisions and the senior class has received its first.  At our daily schoolwide morning meeting, Director of College Counseling & Career Coaching Scott Magrath waved a Yale banner and announced that one of our seniors has been invited to join Yale’s Class of 2023!  

As a school community which educates rural, working-class students, we are gratified by this development.  At LTS, we are committed to advancing equity with excellence. From our faculty to our trustees to our parents, we take on the ethical responsibility to create compelling educational opportunities for all students. In 2018, Scott Magrath became our full-time Director of College Counseling, a first in Long Trail School’s history (see here for the letter announcing Scott’s appointment).  This commitment enables Scott to cultivate abiding relationships with colleges and to devote in-depth time not only to our seniors but to students and families across the grades. Scott offers to each student a tailored package of information about admissions and financial aid – and corresponding motivation – to guide the student from LTS to the college campus.

To further stretch the college horizons of our students, this year we added a campus visit to our fall field trips.  Interspersed with the new academic year’s bonding activities is a chance to see different types of colleges, so that by the time a student reaches 12th grade, he or she will have visited a range of colleges from small, private, liberal arts colleges to large, public, research universities. After this year’s trips, three 8th grade students were talking in the front lobby upon returning from Williams. The first commented about how appealing the Williams campus is, in particular, the Bronfman Science Center; the second noted that Williams is hard to get into; the third announced with great resolve that she was going to do whatever it took during high school to secure admissions to Williams.  

Our culture exalts teachers, teaching, and the relationships between teacher and learner.  We have high expectations for each of our students. Every student is encouraged to take the most challenging courses within his or her zones of ability and passion.  In this light, we recently announced that beginning in 2019-20, our juniors and seniors may participate in the 14 engaging technical education options at the Southwest Vermont Career Development Center, – with transportation provided! Special kudos to Dean of Academics and Faculty Mary Ellen Mega for establishing this connection.

Our goal is not Yale or any other particular college.  Instead, we intend to empower each student to enroll in a match college which fits the student’s gifts and interests in a relevant academic and social context.  We want each student to bloom here and then to flourish in a chosen college.

To talk further about college or careers, Scott warmly invites you to be in touch:; 802.867.5717 x156. Thank you for partnering with us in raising and educating our children together.

/s/ Seth Linfield
Head of School