Literature by Genre

Literature by Genre

LEVELS: Standard and Advanced

This course is designed to help students develop their critical reading and analytic writing skills, build their vocabulary, enhance their understanding of grammar, and broaden their research skills. The writing process is emphasized. Students analyze literature by type: short story, novel, poetry, nonfiction, and dramal. There is a focus on public speaking and project-based learning throughout the class. Real world applications for writing will be addressed. Major works include Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, and Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun. Students are expected to regularly contribute to class discussions and participate in class activities. Students also complete research-based assignments as well as independent reading projects throughout the year.

Advanced course requires teacher recommendation

The advanced class assumes that students are independent learners who can work with limited teacher support. Students are advanced and enthusiastic readers who can make inferences, draw connections, and comprehend texts with sophisticated themes and vocabulary at a fairly fast pace. Students’ expository and narrative writing demonstrates a strong familiarity with the rules of grammar, mechanics, spelling and sentence/paragraph structure. Course content is similar to that of Literature by Genre. What is significantly different in this advanced class is the work pace, level of interpretive analysis, and independence in learning. Students are also expected to be practiced writers.




Advanced, Language A (English)