Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches

Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches

This course is designed for students with a solid background in algebraic and geometric thinking who enjoy mathematical problem solving and generalization. Students develop their mathematics to become fluent in the construction of mathematical arguments, strengthen their skills in mathematical thinking, and explore real and abstract applications, both with and without technology. The first year covers a wide range of topics including number sets and scientific notation, sequences and series and their financial applications, probability, one-variable statistics, linear correlation for two-variable data sets, triangle trigonometry and analytic trigonometry. Students continue their study of functions to develop a deeper understanding of linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic and rational functions and how these can be understood analytically and graphically. Technology will be utilized throughout the course including the use of graphing calculators for function and statistical analysis. Students learn to interpret and solve complex problems and to justify their methods and solutions in writing. Student assessment includes regular tests which require well-developed problem-solving ability and critical thinking skills. The TI-Nspire non-CAS graphing calculator is required. 

HL Students will complete an additional ninety hours of Higher Level content.

For HL: recommended high grades in Algebra 2 ?

Algebra 2



Higher Level IB, Mathematics, Standard Level IB, Upper School