Music: Perception, Analysis, Practice – IB

Music: Perception, Analysis, Practice – IB

During this 2-year course of study, students develop advanced skills in the appreciation, understanding, and performance of music. They practice listening, analyzing, transcribing, composing, and playing. The entry point and basic framework for theory and analysis come first from the study of Western art music and second from exploration of popular American music styles. The course then turns to major musical genres from traditional and popular non-Western cultures, exploring their characteristic elements and relating them to each other and to Western music. With the additional consideration of the basic properties of sound, a picture will emerge showing connections among the rhythms of the natural world, sound, hearing, and the music of many cultures, and provide us with a deep understanding of and appreciation for how music works. Students will compose original musical works such as string quartet, symphonic composition, or solo improvisation. As a group, the IB music class serves as the lead performing ensemble at school and community events.

11, 12



Arts, Elective, Higher Level IB, Music, Standard Level IB, Upper School