Psychology – HL/SL

Psychology – HL/SL

The study of psychology will enable you to gain fascinating insights into human and animal behavior. Students will study behavior from a variety of different theoretical perspectives. Psychologists use scientific methods, but their subject matter is human beings, so Psychology is a subject that links the Humanities and Sciences. Students will design, conduct and report on their own experimental research investigations. A wide range of teaching and learning activities are utilized to study interesting topics such as relationships, social conformity, mental illness, and the impact of hormones on human behavior. One of the goals of the IB Psychology course is to provide students with an opportunity to acquire a better understanding of how the human brain works and how this affects behavior. Students will be looking at classic and modern research conducted in the field of psychology. They will explore experimental design, methodology and ethics. Students will be asked to understand, evaluate, and even design and carry out their own research studies. In doing this, students will learn what constitutes effective and ethical psychological research.

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11, 12



International Baccalaureate, Pamoja, Upper School