Visual Arts – IB

Visual Arts – IB

This course is for students who have had a solid foundation in studio and art history classes and are willing to challenge themselves to create highly refined art with a global perspective. The components to the course are: studio artwork and senior exhibition, process/planning/experimentation, and a comparative study. Students will explore art from a variety of cultures and time periods. As they progress in the course, students develop an overarching theme for their portfolios as they explore 2- and 3-dimensional media. Students investigate, plan, experiment, and reflect on their work in a visual art journal. They document their process and planning for each piece and research art and artists who have inspired them. This leads to an in-depth comparative study of two to three works of art by artists of the student’s choosing. The culmination of this course is a senior show at a public gallery where students discuss and present work. IB Visual Art requires students to be self-directed, interested, and highly motivated to take their artwork to a higher level as they create a strong portfolio.

11, 12



Arts, Higher Level IB, International Baccalaureate, Music, Standard Level IB, Upper School