Cross Country

Cross Country

Long Trail School cross country competes in Vermont Principals Association Division IV and the Southern Vermont League.

The cross country program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop the athletic and social skills necessary for success both on the course and in life. Coaches focus on providing instruction, expertise, and constructive feedback while also encouraging players to become active, collaborative, and responsible participants within the team and school.
We view athletics as an integral component of the day-to-day experience of our students. LTS athletes are held to a high standard of sportsmanship, teamwork, accountability, integrity, and dedication. This values-based approach guides us throughout the season. We are excited to learn, grow, and compete.
Go Mountain Lions!

Upcoming Meets

To view Long Trail’s complete fall athletics calendar CLICK HERE.

Meets will occur on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays with potential fill-in meets here and there. The schedule is set in solidifying concrete; however, it has not completely dried.  The Cross Country ADs and Coaches have had to reconstruct our entire Fall season.  We are being as flexible as possible with the arrangement of meets for safety reasons, thus we are keeping the number of participating schools, thus athletes, to a low number.  We will not have award ceremonies after the meets, nor will we offer snacks and drinks.

We are still figuring out the bus arrangements for meets during the week.  Athletes will need to be transported to and from Saturday meets.  The overall number of competition meets is lower than usual and we’ve separated MS and US for most of them.  Athletes will need to compete in at least three meets prior to any end of the year Championships or State Finals.  We are still trying to figure out exactly what is feasible for the later competitions.

Thank you for your patience and support; primarily with the athletes, but also with the schedule and transportation.

PRACTICE: Monday through Thursday 3:15-4:45 and Friday 12:45 – 2:45

Student-athletes must attend 10 practices before being eligible to participate in competitions.  Athletes should make their best effort to attend all practices, unless another arrangement is made ahead of time with the coach and for good reason(s).  For example, doctor appointments need to be scheduled way in advance.  In general, skipping practice for “simple” reasons will not count.



Maxwell Wasserman 9
Thaddeus Mulder 9
Brody Meszkat 10
Vanessa Kusel 10
Devon Shapiro 11
Noel Schlageter 11
Demi Adepoju 12
Henry Harding 12

Middle School


Bella Sperrazza 6
Lyla Redding 6
Mario Pannone 6
Olivia Clark 6
Palmer Green 6
Althea McGunnigle 7
Kendall Faley 7
Nora Ward 7
Phoebe Bissell 7
Julian Pirie 8
Phoebe Yates 8
For more information, please contact:
Todd Smith
Mathematics Chair, Cross Country Coach, LTSummer Director,
(802) 867-5717 x213