Long Trail School golf competes in Vermont Principals Association Division IV and the Southern Vermont League.

The golf program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop the athletic and social skills necessary for success both on the course and in life. Coaches focus on providing instruction, expertise, and constructive feedback while also encouraging players to become active, collaborative, and responsible participants within the team and school.
We view athletics as an integral component of the day-to-day experience of our students. LTS athletes are held to a high standard of sportsmanship, teamwork, accountability, integrity, and dedication. This values-based approach guides us throughout the season. We are excited to learn, grow, and compete.
Go Mountain Lions!

Upcoming Matches

To view Long Trail’s complete fall athletics calendar CLICK HERE.

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Manchester Country Club (MCC) is graciously hosting as a team for afternoon practices unless otherwise noted in Coach Kim’s communications to families.

PRACTICE WILL RUN MONDAY-THURSDAY until OCTOBER 15. There will be no Friday practices.

Coach Kim will do her best to determine if practice is cancelled due to rain by noon on any given day, but at times the weather may change later than that. Families  have been given Coach Kim’s  cell # for consultation.

As of Thursday, October 1


  • Mon., Oct. 5—practice with 5 pm pick up at  Manchester CC or 5:25 at LTS.
  • Tues., Oct. 6—no practice—Alyssa and I will be in northern Vermont all day for the Vt Girls Golf State Championship.
  • Wed., Oct. 7—US practice, MS optional  with 5 pm pick up at  Manchester CC or 5:25 at LTS.
  • Thurs., Oct. 8—team scramble for US and MS with 5:40 pm pick up at  Manchester CC or 6:00 pm at LTS.The next week is our final team week! Remember, Monday, Oct. 12 is a holiday, so we will meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, weather permitting. One of those days will be the annual Coach’s Sweet Treat — we’ll go for ice cream before practice!

Student-athletes must attend 10 practices before being eligible to participate in competitions.  Athletes should make their best effort to attend all practices, unless another arrangement is made ahead of time with the coach and for good reason(s).  For example, doctor appointments need to be scheduled way in advance.  In general, skipping practice for “simple” reasons will not count.


  • LTS owns loaner sets of golf clubs for right handed players if needed for practice or for the season. We will look into getting a left handed set if needed.
  • Attire for practice should be appropriate for golf courses – collared shirt, nice shorts/pants/skirt, sneakers or golf shoes – no jeans or t-shirts.


Ciaran Blair 6
Alyssa Gallo 10
Davis Johnston 6
Jackson Johnston 7
Jackson Kunisch 6
Joseph Leopold 6
Kirk Smith 10
Keaton Tarbell 7
Olivia Trachte 8
Jacob Walker 10
David Wilt 11
For more information, please contact:
Kim Rizio
English Chair, Golf Head Coach
(802) 867-5717 x147