Gretchen – Bits and pieces

Title- ‘The Subtle Layers of Vermont’ 

Medium- Woodblock print

Size-  66 x 48 cm

Intention (short, to the point, 50 words)- With this piece I hoped to capture the different aspects of a simple landscape in Vermont. I took a photo of this mountain range from my bus stop and used it to create my print. The style was inspired by Sabra Field, a Vermont printmaker. This was my first time carving wood to create a print and I used multiple blocks to layer. The seasonal coloring was an addition I believe truly captures Vermont. 

Title- ‘What has Been and What will Be’ 

Medium- Charcoal 

Size-  145 x 107 cm

Intention (short, to the point, 50 words)- My hope for this piece was to create a surreal image in which the subject matter could be interpreted in many different ways. I was really trying to capture the lights and darks of a three dimensional wooden model as well as the movement of the smaller figures by utilizing the medium. I had never attempted a charcoal painting of this scale before and I have since learned that the negative space is just as, if not more, important than the positive.

Title- ‘A Pair of Pears’

Medium- Mixed medium (oil and acrylic)

Size-  51 x 40.5 cm

Intention (short, to the point, 50 words)- My intentions for this piece shifted throughout the process but overall I was hoping to construct a space centered around something as simple as a couple pears. It was my first attempt at oil paint and my inexperience caused a few minor malfunctions. This ultimately forced me to change my initial plan but not necessarily for the worse. I actually feel as though it pushed me to find a new way to display the pears and in the end allowed me to incorporate more of my own creativity. 

Title- ‘Things Which Come in Threes’

Medium- Clay

Size-  Tallest piece is 24 x 13 cm and the widest is 21.5 x 19 cm (there are three vases, do I need measurements for all?)

Intention (short, to the point, 50 words)- The intent for this set of vases was purely aesthetic. I wanted to create three different ‘identities’ which worked collaboratively together as one piece or set. They are glazed in a celadon crackle which I feel adds another level of detail one doesn’t necessarily see iticially but definitely adds to the finished product. Each vase has a calm expressed face and rings around the neck although I made sure to make each unique with their facial features and overall shape and appearance. 

Title- ‘Starflowers’

Medium- Cold wax and oil paint

Size-  93 x 83 cm

Intention (short, to the point, 50 words)- This is one of the larger pieces I have created during this course. My real intent was to explore texture and representation through the use of cold wax and oil paint. The wax is almost the consistency of frosting and covers well when pigmented with the oil colors. I also wanted to create the same emotion and presence as some of Van Gogh’s work, from which this piece was greatly influenced. His use of color and movement fell into play as I used my fingers to apply the paint.

Title- ‘Vermont’s Toybox’

Medium- Plaster

Size-  8.5 x 11.5 x 17 cm   Silo: 5.5 cm (diameter) 16.5 cm (hight) 

Intention (short, to the point, 50 words)- For this piece I was hoping to create a monochromatic sculpture with multiple pieces. The barn represents Vermont’s agriculture and the idea that this industry is fading away. My intent for creating the silo as a separate structure lies in my theme of ‘bits and pieces’ or ‘parts of a whole’. By having two individual pieces the display could vary as does the uniformity of a traditional farm. The title of this piece is a tribute to my Uncle’s barn which he called his ‘Toybox’.

Title- ‘Charcuterie’

Medium- Mixed medium

Size-  9 x 24 cm

Intention (short, to the point, 50 words)- This piece was designed to capture the different textures and colors of a well organized cheese platter. The image is derived from a photo I took and edited in photoshop. I wanted to be able to focus more on the colors and shapes and less on the details which I knew would ultimately take away from the painting’s purpose as a representation. 

Title- ‘Astroid E-224’

Medium- Acrylic

Size-  62 x 62 cm

Intention (short, to the point, 50 words)- My initial intent for this painting shifted but my main goal of creating a spherical illusion with depth and shadowing while playing with micro and macro scaling didn’t change. I did this by including the cellular pattern of a plant, the blossoms, and the large-scale concept of an asteroid or planet. The flowers were the detail which took the longest but that I truly feel has created a balanced image, tying the piece together while remaining asymmetrical and coherent to my theme.

Title- ‘Three of a Kind’

Medium- Encaustic

Size-  16 x 7.5 cm (three of them, each the same size)

Intention (short, to the point, 50 words)- These three tiles were a way for me to explore encaustic wax and how the medium and its color reacts under a heat gun. I wanted to marble the colors while keeping the melted look as it dripped off the edges. By displaying them vertically side by side rather than horizontally stacked, I believe they act more coherently as one piece. This ties to my theme of ‘parts of a whole’ for although each piece is unique in color and variance in the pattern, the style and technique visually makes them one. 


Long Trail School

Dorset, Vermont

Long Trail School

Dorset, Vermont