LTPA Meeting Minutes Feb. 27

February 27, 2020

6:30 p.m. –  7:55 p.m.


  • Beth Bove
  • Seth Linfield
  • Dana McCloskey
  • Cori Rail
  • Rhonda Schlangen
  • Kristina Schmidt
  • Deb Sheldon
  • Kim Wildman
  • Jane Worley-Reichman

Next steps

Action Responsible for follow-up
Future concession coordination: Initiate internal discussion Beth
Flower sales: Dana to manage flower sales; Cori to transfer information to Dana Dana, Cori
Fundraising planning (off-calendar): Schedule meeting Cori/Kim
3/2 Student Forum: Cori to take notes for circulation to Grade Level Parents who will then circulate to parents Cori
May LTPA meeting: Set date Cori/Kim
2020 wreath sales: Note to order wreaths for direct sales Cori/Kim


1.     Call to Order

  • A very happy birthday to Dana!

2.     Action: Approval of meeting minutes (5 minutes)

3.     Update/Discussion: Strategic Planning Session (10 minutes)

  • Kim, Kathy, Cori, Jackie, and Brian McLaughlin participated as parents. Participants are organizing in action committees; committed to open communication about process and substantive discussions; RS asked for details about plans for input from parents.

4.     Report: Head of School, Seth Linfield (5 minutes)

  • Joined by phone from National Independent Schools Association conference, where applying for a grant to support housing for LTS students during internships ($100k to be matched 50% raised by LTS) and grant officer to visit campus on 3/11; decision in June w/ 6-12 mo. (TBD) to raise the matching funds
  • LTS formed a Coronavirus/Covid-19 task force, and Seth to circulate letter next week; considering alternatives to hosting classes remotely if necessary
  • Tuition remission update: currents students who are dependents of staff to continue receiving tuition relief

5.     Report: Treasurer, Dana McCloskey (10 minutes)

  • 2020 to date:
    • $1557  Funds raised from wreath sales, concessions
    • $2249 funds spent on tablets, wreath stocks, gift cards for teachers, breakfast for teachers
    • $6364 total
  • Dana to check whether budget is aligned with targets

Next: Beth will organize an internal discussion about future concession coordination and will bring LTPA in the conversation.

6.     Discussion: upcoming LTPA calendar (15 minutes)


  1. March 13th – no school
  2. March 19th – IB Art show at SVAC


  1. April 4th (Sat) – Spring Smorgasbord
  2. April 10th (Fri) – 12:30 dismissal, spring break April 13th—17th
  3. April 25th – Prom

7.     Update/Discussion: Wreath fundraiser (10 minutes)

  • Net gain from wreath sales was $401 and only $75 of the profit was from the wreath sales and the remaining $305 through raffle tickets [data to be confirmed]
  • LTPA may consider adjusting the fundraiser, such as selling wreaths at the December play in addition to the presales

Next : In 2020 LTPA will order wreaths for direct sales

8.     Action: Hanging Basket fundraiser (5 minutes), point person:

  • Wreaths need to be ordered soon for Memorial Day delivery; budget plans anticipated $2000 in flower basket sales; Continued need to address management/coordination
  • Need to consider fundraisers that can be reasonably managed by parent time and consider cost: benefits

Next:  Dana volunteered to manage flower sales; Cori to transfer information to Dana

Next: To schedule an off-calendar meeting to plan fundraising

9.     Discussion: Beth, Peer to Peer suicide prevention program and Student Forum (5 minutes)

  • Suicide prevention: Beth and Jodi Sanderson started suicide prevention program, engaged 8 students in trainings in a peer-to-peer approaches to supporting peers and accessing help. As an offshoot doing a peer-to-peer lunch on Wednesday for all students
  • Student Forum: Beth working on a different way to facilitate students opportunities to make their voices heard. Next gathering is on Monday, March 2. Grade level parents will circulate a message to parents. Beth will moderate and encourage civil discourse between students. Next: Cori to take notes for circulation to Grade Level Parents who will then circulate to parents

10. Update: speaker Edward Cameron (5 minutes)

  • ·        He is leaving the area and will not be available to speak

11. Discussion: Student Travel (5 minutes)

  • Insufficient interest in Germany so 16 people + 2 chaperones going to Spain; In the future will travel to Germany and Spain in November; Italy has dropped due to differences in timing preferences w/ school in Italy; Next year 8th graders will go to Montreal and 9th graders to Washington, DC. (April)
  • Cost: Significantly fewer students traveling this year due to price constraints; Current cost is $1800 and a goal is to trim the price; In the future, LTS students whose family is unable to host may still travel . Next: Fundraising from LTPA to be discussed as part of fundraising meeting

12. Other Business

  • Kim raised new track and field wants to do a spaghetti fundraiser to raise money for equipment, and will raise the question with Courtney about plans.
  • Kim was approached by another parent about timing of the next parent social. Next: Kim to approach Courtney to discuss fundraising to ensure students have appropriate equipment

Next: Parent social to be discussed as part of fundraising meeting.

13. Action: propose meeting date changes

  1. March 26th
  2. April 23rd
  3. May 8th (Fri) – LTPA social at Head’s House in combination of new parent welcome night

Next: May LTPA meeting date TBD

14. Adjournment

Proposed Agenda Items for March meeting due by March 19th.


Long Trail School

Dorset, Vermont

Long Trail School

Dorset, Vermont