LTPA Meeting Minutes March 26

March 26, 2020

6:30 p.m. –  7:55 p.m.


  • Roll not taken so the 19 attendees are listed by available Zoom screen names
  • Beth Bove
  • Seth Linfield
  • Dana McCloskey
  • Cori Rail
  • Rhonda Schlangen
  • Beth Bove
  • Courtney
  • Chelley Tift
  • Jeremy Crumb
  • Jeff Distasio
  • Kelly Thompson
  • Joann Jansson
  • Kristina Schmidt
  • Deb Sheldon
  • Kim Wildman
  • Avaloy Lanning
  • Jo Lacaillade

Next steps

Action Responsible for follow-up
Notice of weekly PTLA check-in Zoom meetings Cori/Kim
April LTPA meeting: Set date Cori/Kim

1.     Extra: Discussion of LTS in the Time of Coronavirus

Note: This was an extraordinary meeting of the LTPA, taking place one week after school reverted to remote classes and the day that Governor Scott announced that schools would remain physically closed through the end of the school year. The LTPA set aside the planned meeting agenda.

Seth – Headmaster’s update

  • Governor Scott has just announced that school will be physically closed through the end of the year
  • LTS students will remember how we cared for our communities and supported each other and the attitudes and character with which we’ve responded
  • LTS is well-prepared to continue distance learning and will continue to take steps to assure continuity of learning

Mary Ellen – course management

  • Visited classes this week; spoke w/ 15 students to see how things are going and gave feedback
  • At faculty meeting 3/27 will try to address things that students have brought up about managing classes online; length of assignments, placement in Google classroom; clarity about instructions, reasonable amount of time for assignments
  • Will circulate information about expectations to all parents

Beth – student social and emotional wellness

  • Netflix all school movie tomorrow
  • Daily Instagram announcements
  • Fielding calls with students and family
  • Working with seniors and parents about what graduation will look like
  • Plan for additional parent meeting, sponsored by LTPA, potentially every week Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

Seth – Pandemic challenges for families

  • LTS is making available ways to help families who are struggling

Courtney – fundraising

  • As Smorgasbord was cancelled will be working on a LTS cookbook
  • Also in touch with major donors to discuss how LTS is doing

Open discussion

  • Kids/parents should contact Jeremy if they’re having difficulty connecting
  • Getting kids out to exercise – maybe next Tuesday national walking day
  • Jo is working on agreements for next year
  • Do not plan to do basket fundraiser (Cori is checking on whether baskets can be purchased directly)
  • May continue to do Zoom meetings in the future

Long Trail School

Dorset, Vermont

Long Trail School

Dorset, Vermont