LTPA Meeting Minutes Jan. 16

January 16, 2020

6:10 p.m. – 7:40 p.m.


  • Beth Bove
  • Courtney Callo
  • Seth Linfield
  • Dana McCloskey
  • Cori Rail
  • Rhonda Schlangen
  • John-Paul Schmidt
  • Kristina Schmidt
  • Kathy Schlageter
  • Jane Worley-Reichman


No published agenda for this meeting


1.   Call to order 6:10 p.m.

2.   Heads comments

  • Feedback on tax id number: Seth has been advised that it’s prudent to have one tax id number,  but we should be able to set up LTPA finances that are as independent as possible. LT/Dana will double check concern that LTPA is in compliance with supervisory union requirements and with Patti to ensure payments can come directly to LTPA via online orders. There’s a needfor a process to ensure accuracy and clarity of processes for sales (ordering and receipt of payments).

               Next:  Dana and Beth will meet to resolve

  • Strategic planning exercise: Will focus on school strategy and future use of the school’s physical space, including the former gym. LTPA co-presidents have been invited to join as individuals, not as representatives of the LTPA.
  • Tuition set for next year at a rate higher than VT state average.
  • Next year plan to have a more ‘organic 6th and 7th grade’ with interdisciplinary program
  • AOB:  Students’ concern about changes in tuition waivers for children of faculty

Seth explained that the new policy is thatfaculty are automatically remitted the difference between LTS’s announced tuition and sending town’s tuition remittance if they are from a sending town. For differentials, faculty are eligible to apply for financial aid; as with all families there’s a minimum contribution. The change was made to address issues of inequitable benefits between faculty with and without school-aged children and to address inequitable allocation of financial support in the form of tuition remission to faculty members who do not have financial need, thus reducing available aid for families with financial need. Concerns expressed by parents included reducing faculty benefits and denial of grandfathering previous tuition waivers for current faculty who have been employed and operating their lives under expectation of the tuition remission that was in place when they took the position. Discussion centered on how LTS can explain its decisions to students.

Next: No next steps for LTPA discussed

Proposed lockers for middle schoolers

  • Discussion of potential for middle schoolers to have lockers to protect belongings. Seth agreed to propose a process where all student and parent voices are heard. Any physical changes to facilities could be integrated in strategic planning for physical space.

Next: LT administration to propose LT Student Council initiate a process to debate and take a decision.

Treasurers report

  • Thanks to Meredith Morgan for generosity of wreaths and Northshire Bookstore for adding $5 to every $20 gift card purchase for faculty members
  • Updated treasurer’s report pending discussion with Patty
  • Concessions at the Field House: in order to comply with food safety inspection all food must be wrapped/packages. Opportunities for concessions in February.

Next:  Beth will follow-up with Nikki about dates and will share dates with Dana; LTPA will then coordinate purchase of food and parents to staff the concession stand


  • April 4 – Save the Date to be distributed with details
  • Potential for all-school fundraiser with food from families and restaurants

Next: Update, for information. No immediate action needed.


  • February 8 – Air band (6 groups, 62 students) LTPA will do concessions and potential for a raffle/additional fundraiser

Next:  Dana will follow-up with Paul/Marble West for a donation

To be determined: Organization of bake sale during Air Band

Adjourned 7:40 p.m. 


Long Trail School

Dorset, Vermont

Long Trail School

Dorset, Vermont