Meghan Atkins

Meghan Atkins

Mental Health Counselor
(802) 867-5717 277

Meghan has her Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and will receive licensure in under a year. She has previously worked in several different mental health settings; including United Counseling Services and Southwestern Vermont Medical Center. Meghan has worked with individuals from all ages, but primarily finds her greatest strength and enjoyment is working with adolescents/teenagers.

The role of the mental health counselor focuses on emotional support throughout the school year. Meghan offers short-term therapy for students in the school who may need support or are struggling with their mental health. Meghan can help students find therapists within the community if the short-term supports are not sufficient, but will always have a door open for anyone to stop in. Besides providing therapy for students, Meghan's role is to act as a mental health advocate and support for students and faculty throughout the year. Students do not have to engage in therapy to receive mental health support from Meghan and are always encouraged to stop by to take a break, chat, or learn some mental health tips and tricks along the way.

Meghan encourages all questions about supports available and how we can best support our students.