Student Driving & Parking

Student Driving & Parking

The form below needs to be completed prior to a student being allowed to drive/park at Long Trail School.

Students will receive a parking pass that must be placed on the dash of their vehicle while at school.  Spaces are limited, so permission will be given by seniority.

Rules for student drivers:

  • Students must arrive on time to school.
  • Students may not depart during school hours without prior consent from the Dean of Student Conduct or their designee.
  • Pedestrians, joggers, and cyclists always have the right of way on campus.
  • A student must report any on-campus accidents, no matter how minor, to the Dean of Students Conduct.
  • All drivers are expected to drive slowly in the parking area and driveway.
  • A student must park in the designated student parking area unless otherwise instructed.
  • A student may not drive another student on or off campus without specific permission.
  • Students may not “hang out” in his/her car or the parking lot during the school day.

This consent and the terms and conditions contained herein shall remain in full force and effect until revoked in writing and the revocation is delivered to or received by Long Trail School.

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