Student & Parent Handbook

September 25, 2020

Dear LTS students and families,

Everyone at LTS is here for your success.  We are eager to support you. 

The Long Trail School Student & Parent Handbook ( provides information on many aspects of school life and outlines expectations regarding student conduct, so that students may gain as much as possible from their LTS experience.  Students, parents, and faculty and staff should be familiar with the contents of the Handbook, so that all community members know and understand the expectations of students within our community. 

The Provisional Handbook, focusing on COVID-related expectations, was released prior to the start of classes. We now launch the complete Student and Parent Handbook under one cover, incorporating broader information about typical school day procedures. LTS now asks each family and student, whether new this year or returning, to review the Handbook and make note of our practices.  We are continuously reviewing and refining our ways, so we may modify the Handbook from time to time.

With your signature of the LTS Health Pledge (, you have promised to be aware of Long Trail’s expectations. 

If you have any questions about these expectations, please be in touch with Luke Krueger, our Interim Dean of Student Experience,, or Mike Olson, our Dean of Student Conduct,

On behalf of the entire faculty, here is to a most fruitful and satisfying year.

Stay safe, kind, and hopeful,

/s/ Seth Linfield

Head of School