Thanksgiving 2020

November 25, 2020

Dear LTS Family,

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful that we as a community have elected to make hard sacrifices to elevate the common good.  At LTS, we have not and will not permit the coronavirus to rupture our solidarity – just the opposite.  In a recent ESSAY in The Atlantic, David Brooks cogently argues that we as a nation are trapped in a “distrust doom loop.”  Our students are growing up with institutions flailing all about them and see the world as “predicated on threat, not safety.” At Long Trail School, we are proudly counter-cultural, modeling social trust as a moral virtue.  

We are all engaging actively and holding each other accountable.  The recent rise in cases around us has intensified our behavioral expectations. But extraordinary generosity and care are also surging. Based on the shared values that bring us to LTS in the first place, a palpable outcome of this almost undetectable virus has been to nurture a cohesive ethos of duty and responsibility. 

We cannot return to normal.  As I discussed schoolwide with our students this morning, trust and truth are intertwined.  The trust we are cultivating within this pandemic will grow our capacity to tell and share provocative truths.  This is precisely the integrity we must summon to bring forth a more just and equitable future. 

We thank each of you for partnering with us to provide our students with the knowledge and motivation – and trust – to make a difference, now and always. 

On behalf of our faculty and trustees, I extend to you and yours warmest wishes for a happy and healthy – if atypical – Thanksgiving.

Stay safe, kind, and hopeful,

/s/ Seth Linfield

Head of School