The Long Trail School Club Handbook

The Long Trail School Club Handbook

Important information for those beginning, leading, and advising clubs at Long Trail School.*

Opportunities to explore interests outside of the classroom are an important piece of Long Trail School culture. Participation in clubs fosters leadership, positive attitudes and enthusiasm within the school community. The purpose of this guide is to help clubs to be as effective as possible to accomplish their mission and goals.

Starting the second semester, January 2020 if a group of at least ten students have an interest in starting a new club they can follow these steps.

How to Start a Club

It is relatively easy to begin a club at LTS. Students need a clear purpose or mission, two club officers, a minimum of 8 additional interested members, a faculty advisor, details of meeting times and an on campus meeting location. Clubs must be open to all LTS students. Students can submit their club applications online  for approval during the second semester of school. Approval takes about two weeks. We do not accept applications for new clubs during the first semester. Online application can be found on the LTS website under the Student Life tab.

Community Service

Every club must have a community service component.  Service is a core value at LTS and not only supports and strengthens the greater community we live in, but helps to build up our own school community.  We want students to enjoy and be excited about service. A student group with a particular common interest will be invested on a deeper level to service if they choose a project that aligns with the club’s focus.  As an example, the Outing Club may choose to adopt a trail to keep clear. The A Capella Club may put on a performance for a local pre-school or retirement home. This also gives our students a sense of how their interests help them connect and fit in the larger world.

Rules and Guidelines

For a club to become and remain a club, certain guidelines must be followed including:

  • Clubs must be approved.
  • Membership in a LTS club must be open to all students enrolled at Long Trail School.
  • Clubs must follow school policies.
  • Clubs must have a LTS staff or faculty member serve as an advisor.
  • Clubs must remain active (hold meetings) in order to stay on the list of Long Trail clubs.
  • Clubs should meet at least once a week and maintain an active roster of students who attend club meetings.
  • Clubs should have at least two officers.
  • Twice a year clubs will submit a brief recount of their meetings, accomplishments, list of officers, regular attendees, and confirm their meeting times, days, and locations.
  • All club activities, meetings, and events must have appropriate supervision. Advisors must be present for the duration of club activities.
  • Dormant/Inactive clubs will be removed from the list of clubs. Clubs who fail to renew their club at the end of each school year will also be removed from the list of active clubs.

Advisor Duties

  • It is the role of the Club Advisor to supervise, guide, and act as a resource for the club. Advisors are expected to be present and supervise club related meetings, sales, or activities. Only LTS faculty and staff may act as an advisor.
  • Club Advisors guide the club in terms of following procedures, handling cash and checks, student roles and responsibilities, operating field trips, communication, resolving conflict, etc.

An Advisor does not plan or design activities.  The role of Advisor is to support the students’ process.

  • If a club advisor cannot be present at a club activity, clubs should seek out a replacement chaperone preferably with the help of the advisor. If no advisor is present then the activity cannot take place and will be cancelled.
  • Advisors volunteer their time to advise student groups. Club leaders should make every effort to stay in close communication with their club advisor understanding that teacher schedules may not always be flexible.

Off Campus Travel

  • Travel is permitted by clubs with approval in writing from the Student Life office. If the trip requires school transportation, the advisor and officers of the club need to make the transportation request at least two weeks in advance to Dana. Groups will need to provide their own funds for special activities or trips.

In-School Fundraisers

  • All sales must be supervised by your advisor.
  • Clubs are not intended to profit. Monies earned are intended to sustain and enhance the club operation as stated in the club application. Clubs may donate money only if the fund they wish to donate to is specified as part of their community service project and approved by Student Life.
  • Clubs wishing to participate in bake sales or other type of sale such as t-shirts, merchandise, candy grams etc. must receive prior approval from their advisor and Beth to reduce competing sales. Clubs may sign up for one bake sale a month on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Please do not order t-shirts for pending sale without getting consent and design approval to sell them in school. Please do not distribute or sell goods in competition with another club’s reserved bake sale time slot. There are no club sales before, during or after the school day without prior approval. Please see Beth with questions regarding fundraising, sales, or approvals.

Club Finances

  • Clubs that raise money must keep all monies deposited in a club account within the Student Activities Fund. Clubs may only raise money for purposes expressed on their club application form.
  • Money raised is not the property of the club members. If for any reason there are leftover funds in a club account at the end of the school year, money will remain in the account as long as the club remains active. If the club goes dormant, inactive or ceases to be a club due to a breach in policy, funds will be moved to the general student life account.
  • Banking large funds is highly discouraged. In general, funds should be used in the year they were raised and not kept to accumulate over multiple years (unless the money is for a pre-approved multi-year project).
  • Off Campus Fundraising activities (e.g. Car Washes, restaurant nights)
  • Advisors should be present at all club activities including those that may occur off school premises.
  • See Off-Campus travel
  • Games of chance are prohibited fundraisers.
  • All money raised by a club must be deposited into their student account within 24 hours of receipt.

Withdrawing Money from your Club Account

  • Students can choose to submit a receipt for reimbursement or they may request that a check be processed directly to the vendor. Payments made to individuals without receipts are not permitted. Please understand that reimbursements take time.

Promoting Your Club

    • Signs/Posters – Students are encouraged to hang signs in school to promote their meetings, events, or special accomplishments. Please have signs approved by Beth before copying and hanging. Please remove your signs if the activity has occurred. Please hang signs on bulletin boards when available.
    • Morning Meeting Announcements – Because LTS has a number of announcements each day, clubs will be limited to announcements that promote events or opportunities beyond their regular meetings such as an event that applies to the general student population (eg. Candygram sales). Signs and posters in school can also promote club meetings.  Last minute meeting cancellations or meeting changes are acceptable announcements.

    If your club wants to do a presentation for morning meeting you must sign up with Jeremy Crumb. Wednesdays and Thursdays are reserved for presentations.

Coordinating a School Wide Event

Clubs are allowed to administer events for the greater school population such as hosting a guest speaker, fundraising activity, talent show, etc. This is most conveniently done during our Monday all school assemblies. Jeremy Crumb coordinates the assembly calendar. Please allow for sufficient time if you wish to utilize one of our larger spaces ie.. Whalen, Hunter, Kiva or Theater, for your event and have flexibility regarding the dates of your activity. All guest speakers should be pre-approved and coordinated with Beth. Club advisors will play an integral role in the conduct of any special program a club chooses to run.

Amendments to a Club Application

  • Each May, clubs will be asked to renew their club for the following school year. At this time they will affirm the accuracy of their mission and update their student leadership for the next school year. Large changes to the overall mission of the club will need to be approved by Beth.

Final Thoughts

This is just a short guide aimed to help answer frequently asked questions from club leaders and advisors. If you have additional questions regarding clubs at LTS, please see Beth.

*adapted with permission from Princeton High School, Princeton, NJ


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