Thursday, November 1


  • MEETING: Math Club at lunch in Todd’s Room
  • MEETING: Boys Middle School Basketball informational meeting will take place on Thursday, November 8 at lunch in Luke’s room.
  • REFUSE TO USE: The next RTU meeting is in the LTS Kiva on Fri., Nov. 2 from 1:30-3:00.
  • COSTUME HELP NEEDED: Anyone and everyone (esp. those of you who can hand-sew and/or have sewing machines) are needed. We’ll be at LTS from 10 am through at least 4 pm on November 3rd and 4th. Costume concept: STEAMPUNK! Please contact Anna.


30-Oct Emmanuel College MA 10:45 AM
31-Oct Denison University OH 8:30 AM
31-Oct Hampshire College MA 9:15 AM

Thurs., Nov. 1
macaroni and cheese with or without ham
Fri., Nov. 2
Bosco sticks or tuna sandwich bag lunch