Travel Education


Travel Education

Throughout the school’s history, our community has found value in travel as a core educational experience. As an International Baccalaureate school, LTS prides itself on expanding our students’ experiences beyond the four walls of a classroom. Through travel, students learn about other cultures and languages, uncover rich history, and connect amazing personal experiences to their own growth. Moreover, our students become independent, curious, and confident explorers who are willing to tackle and embrace new situations and opportunities at home and abroad.

Long Trail’s tradition of travel began in its very first years. The entire school, six teachers and thirty students, traveled together at the end of the year to Cape Cod or Montreal to reflect on and celebrate the year. Today’s program builds upon our most recent years of experience offering European exchange programs, National Parks trips, and a lengthier tradition of faculty-organized trips to Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, London, and South America. All of these opportunities have provided valued memories for students and faculty.

Through their years at Long Trail, students will be presented with many opportunities to use travel as an extension of their education. We have developed programs that are educationally and developmentally appropriate for every grade from 6th – 11th grade.

All trips are optional but, students are encouraged to attend.

Outdoor Environmental Education

Grades: 6 & 7
Cost: $250
Duration: 3 days/2 nights

Nature’s Classroom is a program that started in 1973 to help students “Think Outside the Books.” It’s an opportunity to build community and discover a way to learn through experience.

Urban Exploration

Grades: 8 & 9
Cost: $600
Duration: 4 days/3 nights

This program will travel to Washington D.C. one year and another city such as New York City, Philadelphia or Montreal the alternate year. Students will explore museums, monuments and memorials, attend a play or special exhibit and how to navigate the subway or metro. The Washington D.C. trip will focus on our national treasures, monuments and museums. New York and Philadelphia are great cities to navigate public transportation, experience world class museums, catch an off Broadway show, visit Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Montreal is an excellent introductory international experience and a great trip to prepare our students for the European exchanges.

Exchange Programs

Long Trail’s upper school exchange programs offer more than the normal trip experience. Through the one-to-one exchange, our students not only have the opportunity to share their own home, school and Vermont lifestyle but are also able to experience a culture – whether domestic or abroad – completely different from their own.

Domestic Program

Boston, MA – The Newman School
 9 & 10
Cost: Free
Duration: 2 weeks

This pilot program will be offered to 3-6 students. LTS and The Newman School will match students and then help decide on the best exchange time for both families. Families will provide transportation to and from Boston. There is no payment due to LTS, but students will need approximately $120 for food and T-Pass.

Domestic Travel Application

International Programs

Freie Schule Anne Sophie
Colegio Santa Maria Del Pino

Grades: 9-11
Cost: $1800
Duration: 2 weeks

Students from the European Schools stay with LTS families in October. LTS students travel to Europe the following June. Note: For the Class of 2022, the cost of the international exchange is being subsidized $900 due to a special grant.

Payment Schedule

Payment may be made in full on October 1 or may be split into four payments due on October 1, December 1, February 1 and April 1.


Refund Policy

If a student withdraws from the trip for any reason up to 60 days before the trip, the refund is 50%. Up to 30 days before, the trip the refund is 25%. With regrets, there can be no refund for cancellation within 30 days of the trip.

Financial Assistance

We are committed to increasing equitable access to these experiences for all in our LTS community.  In this light, we are raising the cost of each trip, but to levels which are still subsidized, and boosting the financial aid process. Students (and their families) may now apply for financial support to participate in the travel education program. This trip program benefits from the generosity of committed donors, for whom we are grateful.

As a school community, we are invested in offering the best opportunities for our students to learn both in the classroom and in our larger world.
We will honor each application and do our best with the funding we have
available to enable as many students to participate in our travel education
program as possible.

Every family, regardless of income, is expected to contribute something toward the cost of the trip. An application is required to determine

Criteria considered in financial assistance application:

  • Priority is need based.
  • Preference is given to families at the lower end of the income range. In general, a household with an income above $75,000 are not likely to receive a grant.
  • Students who have received previous trip funding will be considered after first-timers.
  • Students must write an essay demonstrating serious thought and intention. A particularly compelling essay carries weight in this process.
Student Travel Financial Aid Application