Course Change Form

Course Change Form

Permission to withdraw from a course is granted by the Dean of Academics on a case-by-case basis. A student may not be permitted to withdraw from a course if it means that s/he will drop below the minimum course load. During the first full week of instructional days of a semester, students may request to change course(s) by completing the online COURSE CHANGE REQUEST. Courses cannot be changed after the first full week. Requests will be granted if the student was scheduled in the wrong level course.

Changes will not be allowed if:

  • The class requested has reached its enrollment capacity;
  • The class requested does not meet at a time that will complement the rest of the schedule;
  • It is strictly a teacher or friend request.

Course work will not be credited, nor will the student be penalized if a course is dropped within the course change period. Courses dropped after this time will appear on the student’s transcript with the grade at the point at which the course was dropped; no credit will be given for work completed. Exceptions for illness or other special circumstances may be granted by the Dean of Academics and the appropriate department chair.

By submitting this request you agree to the following:

  • I understand that not all requests can be accommodated.
  • I understand that in some cases in order to accommodate a request, other changes may have to be made in my schedule.
  • I understand that I remain enrolled in and need to attend my current classes until I am informed by the Registrar or Dean of Academics of any official changes.
  • I understand the the Registrar or Dean of Academics will notify me whether or not my change request can be granted.
Course Change Request