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Message from Head of School Seth Linfield on International Students

July 16, 2020

We are pleased that the Department of Homeland Security has reversed its recent guidance on international students. Under that earlier interpretation, our international students could only take in-person classes to preserve their visa status.  Our nation’s independent schools and colleges coalesced to oppose the proposed restrictions. Here, for example, is the statement from the National Association of Independent Schools, to which Long Trail belongs. Our international students will now benefit from the same flexibility as all other LTS students to transition among in-person, distance, and hybrid instruction as contingencies may demand. 

We are partnering with our international students and their families to bring them here safely for this Fall.  With Director of International Admissions Mike Olson at the helm, we look forward to welcoming and supporting highly qualified international students now and in the future.

To our international students, we cherish you and will continue to advocate for your wellbeing.  You enhance learning and life here at LTS and, through your peer connections and homestay families, our entire community. Welcome Home to the Green Mountains!  

Stay safe, healthy and hopeful,

/s/ Seth Linfield

Head of School

LTStudies International

For over three decades, Long Trail School has educated students from across the globe. As an International Baccalaureate World School, we know that intercultural respect and understanding will help create a better and more peaceful world.

LTStudies International seeks students who want to immerse in American culture, particularly life in the rural countryside. With our rigorous academic program and comprehensive college counseling services, you will be prepared for admission to selective colleges in the United States. You will engage actively with the community, be afforded many diverse opportunities in athletics and the arts, and have the love and support of a homestay family.

Notable College Acceptances

LTStudies International Team

Katie Redding
Director of Admissions

Mike Olson
Athletic Director, Head Boys' Basketball Coach