Travel Education

Travel Education

Throughout the school’s history, Long Trail has found value in travel as a core educational experience. As an International Baccalaureate school, LTS prides itself on expanding our students’ experiences beyond the  walls of a classroom. Through travel, students learn about other cultures and languages, uncover rich history, and connect amazing personal experiences to their own growth. Moreover, our students become independent, curious, and confident explorers who are willing to tackle and embrace new situations and opportunities at home and abroad.

Long Trail’s tradition of travel began in its very first years. The entire school[six teachers and thirty students] traveled together at the end of the year to Cape Cod or Montreal to reflect on and celebrate the year.  We are thrilled to broaden and expand programmatic travel through our grade-level trips.  This is an exciting time as LTS is augmenting the number of optional travel opportunities being offered.

Through their years at Long Trail, students will be presented with many chances to use travel as an extension of their education. Our programming is designed to meet the needs of students in ways that are educationally relevant and developmentally appropriate.  

Programmatic Travel

Programmatic travel opportunities are required.  Costs are estimates.

Nature's Classroom


GRADE: Class of 2030 & 2031
COST: $375 (3 day), additional cost for 4-days
DATES: October 7-9/10 (confirming 3 or 4 days)

GRADE: Class of 2029
COST: $450
DATES: November 12-14

Washington, DC

GRADE: Class of 2028
COST: $700
DATES: November 11-15

Optional Travel

These opportunities are optional for 2024-25. The Southwest National Parks trip will become programmatic in the 2025-26. Costs and dates are estimates and are dependent on air travel costs.

Southwest National Parks

German Exchange

GRADE: Class of 2026 & Class of 2027
COST: $2000
DATES: June 2025

GRADES: Classes of 2028, 2027, 2026, 2025
COST: $2000
DATES: Approx. March 10-20, 2025