Mission & Philosophies

Mission & Philosophies

Long Trail School creates lifelong learners who aspire to reach their individual potential in an engaging, supportive community.

Core Values

At Long Trail School, we strive to educate the whole child and teach our students to be compassionate citizens of society. We embrace the following five Core Values in every aspect of life at Long Trail, in the classroom and beyond.

  • Integrity — Determine what’s right, then do it
  • Kindness of Spirit — Practice empathy, compassion, respect
  • Openness — Engage freely in dialogue; listen, be open, speak
  • Social Responsibility — Give back
  • Stewardship — Care for the school, its resources, the environment, and the community

Our Beliefs

At Long Trail, we believe that the way we teach must be creative and dynamic and mindful of the differences among students. These are the beliefs that shape our approach:

  • Learning how to think is more important than being told what to think
  • Curiosity and conversation motivate
  • Children deserve a safe, welcoming, and supportive school where everybody is known and valued
  • Diversity improves the educational experience
  • A dynamic classroom responds to the individuality of each child
  • A balance of challenge and support moves learners to greater understanding and skill
  • Teaching and learning work best in small groups
  • Education is a shared responsibility

Honor Code

The Honor Code is an important guiding principle of the Long Trail community. Developed by the Student Council, the Code outlines the expectations that the community has for each member. To serve as a constant reminder, the Code is painted on the wall of the Whalen Common Room, the main gathering area on campus.

“We are honor bound to display the utmost respect for ourselves, each other, and our resources in a manner that fosters in us a desire and capacity for exceptional growth and learning. We will not lie, cheat or steal in any form nor will we endure the faltering of those who do. We will strive to improve the Long Trail School environment by continually building upon our personal integrity and encouraging it in others, thus promoting a more distinguished and harmonious community.”