Parent Conferences

Parent Conferences

Parent Conferences will take place for students in grades 6-12 on Mon., Nov. 22 (8:00-3:00) , Tues., Nov. 23 (8:00-3:00), Fri., Dec. 3 (1:00-3:00) and Fri., Dec. 10 (1:00-3:00). Families may choose an in-person or virtual conference.

Within the 20-minute conference you will meet with all of your child’s core teachers.  Advisors and elective teachers will join as their schedules permit.  Conferences are limited to the 20 minute time slot.

Conferences are required for all new students.  Returning students will be scheduled upon parent or faculty request.

Parent Conference sign-ups were due on November 5.  If you did not sign-up and would like to, please contact Chelley. Conferences are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Email confirmations indicating the time of your conference will be sent by November 17.

Please note that there are no classes for students on Mon., Nov. 22 or Tues., Nov. 23 during conferences.  Fri., Dec. 3 & 10 conferences are being held after school hours so there are classes those days.

Contact Chelley Tifft with questions at or 802-867-5717 x190.

Divorced/Separated Parents

Please note: We hold ONE conference per student.  Confirmations are sent to BOTH parents, regardless of which parent signed up for the conference. If the time/date does not work for one or the other, it is up to the family to make it work.