The Long Trail Experience

The Long Trail Experience

Students have an important role in our community, which comes with certain expectations. Our community values of honesty, respect, compassion and safety are essential.

Students are expected to:

  • Seek help when they are struggling
  • Know what resources are available for them
  • Work with and respect faculty and advisors
  • Communicate for themselves
  • Engage with the community
  • Accept responsibility for self and others
  • Share their talents


Each student is assigned an advisor as a resource for school and community-related information, as well as for issues related to the student’s grade level and his/her individual progress. The advisor should be the primary contact between a student, the family, and the school. In the event of any student or parent concerns, the advisor is the first person to whom to turn. Advisors meet with advisees in small groups on a daily basis. Students should feel comfortable turning to their advisors for counsel and support.

Advisors will:

  • Help advisees develop a clear sense of self, of community, and of the world.
  • Give academic advice, oversee advisees’ schedules, approve all schedule changes, approve absence forms, review grade reports, and find solutions to academic or attendance difficulties.
  • Give advice and feedback on advisee’s behavior, so that the student can act with self-confidence and compassion.
  • Support the student and family in the event of a disciplinary action.
  • Communicate regularly with the adults in the student’s life at school and share this information with the family.

Color Teams

Color Teams help to build community. All students and faculty are assigned to one of four color teams – Black, Blue, Red and White. New students and faculty are assigned a team at the first all-school assembly of the year. Family members of alumni students and faculty are placed on the same color team as their relatives. Color Teams participate in a variey of physical and intellectual challenges throughout the school year and points are awarded. The Color Team with the most points at the end of the year is awarded the Color Team trophy.

Travel Education

Every student is encouraged to participate in the end of the year travel programs. Travel opportunities are presented during an all-school assembly in November and in February. Students are able to apply to the travel program of their choice for the following academic year. This allows for proper planning of the trips as well as communication with the families. It also provides time for students and families to plan for the trip’s financial obligations. More detailed information on the trips and costs can be found on the Student LIfe page of the website under Travel Education.

Student Organizations

  • Student Council: In keeping with LTS philosophy, leading some components of school life hones leadership skills, encourages compassion, develops a sense of responsibility, and ensures that the community is embraced by peers. Student Council elections are held in the spring for rising 7-12th grade students. Grade 6 representatives are elected at the start of the school year.
  • Student Ambassadors: LTS Ambassadors seek to foster a welcoming community for all students, celebrate diversity on campus, and promote unity and connection between different student groups at LTS. LTS Ambassadors elections are held in the spring for rising 7-12th grade students.
  • National Honor Society: The National Honor Society (NHS) was established in the 1920’s to recognize outstanding academics, promote leadership and develop the character of high school students. These purposes translate into the criteria that LTS uses as membership for our local chapter and all members are expected to maintain the society’s expectations. To be eligible to apply to NHS, a student must have attended LTS for at least one full year. The criteria for membership includes consistent grades in all courses above an 93 (91 for IB courses) as well as demonstrated excellence in leadership, service, and character within the Long Trail community. Eligible 10-12th graders are sent an application over the summer. There is an induction ceremony in the fall.

Grade Level Meetings

Grade level meetings are held as needed for each grade. School-wide information is communicated through Student Council representatives. Events, social activities, dances, and student forum information are shared. Each grade has several faculty advisors, as well as grade level parent volunteers who help to communicate information to families.