Our International Baccalaureate Advantage

Our International Baccalaureate Advantage

At Long Trail we encourage students to be open-minded and reflective, and we help them develop the confidence and leadership skills that will inspire them to help shape a better world. Our beliefs and core values mesh perfectly with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, which we adopted in 2010.

What is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme?

IB is an internationally recognized college preparatory program, known for its challenging curriculum. IB develops critical thinking, spirit of inquiry, exceptional written and oral communication skills, and fosters a global perspective.

How does IB compare to AP?

  • IB places greater emphasis on critical and creative thinking, considering subjects in depth and from multiple perspectives while AP offers a content-driven and broader approach to individual subjects.
  • IB courses are connected as a program, with analytical thinking gained through studying the relationships between subject areas while AP courses are offered on an a la carte basis.

What are the IB options at LTS?

At LTS, students benefit from IB curriculum through multiple pathways, catering to each student’s personal goals, which may range from earning a full IB Diploma to taking select IB classes and earning certificates in those classes.

How do students earn the full IB Diploma?

The IB Diploma is awarded to students who:

  • study and take exams in six academic areas: English, Mathematics, History, Biology, World Language (French, German or Spanish) and Art, Music or Theatre.
  • complete Theory of Knowledge, a critical thinking class.
  • research and write a 4,000 word original research paper called the Extended Essay.
  • successfully complete the Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) program.

How does IB pay off for your student?

  • differentiates and adds credential to college applications.
  • improves ability to succeed in college and join the global economy, due to the IB emphasis on analytical thinking and communication skills.
  • college credits may be earned.
  • increases college merit aid opportunities.

What makes IB uniquely successful?

  • quality and nature of curriculum, going deeper into each subject.
  • process of thinking inspired by approaches to teaching and classroom discussion, giving tools to independently think critically and creatively.
  • pathway to exceptional colleges and universities