The Maidi Miles Learning Center

The Maidi Miles Learning Center

The Learning Center serves as a resource for students with diagnosed learning disabilities, other health impairments, and for students who seek to develop their abilities and maximize their learning.  The teachers in the Learning Center offer structured, individualized programs that can include content support, executive functioning and self-advocacy coaching, and study skills instruction.  Students develop strategies that enable them to succeed as confident, independent learners at LTS and beyond.

Please notify the Admissions Office as early in the year as possible if you are considering enrolling your child in the Learning Center, as capacity is limited. 

Long Trail School is approved by the Vermont Agency of Education to serve special education students.  If your child has an IEP and is eligible for state funding for tuition through Vermont’s school choice program, LTS will bill your district for the special education services agreed upon with your LEA.  

If your child does not have school choice tuition funding, they are considered private pay.  Please understand that financial aid does not cover special education services for private pay students who are enrolled in the Learning Center. If your child currently receives support services as outlined within an IEP or educational support plan of any kind beyond those provided to the general student population, a parent or guardian will be billed for the cost of these additional services. Additionally, if your child is not currently on an educational support plan, but it is determined that they would benefit from the Learning Center, your family is responsible for these costs.