Summer Learning Program

Summer Learning Program

At Long Trail School, we believe that learning takes place everyday in our lives.  During the summer, we are not as programmed as we are during the school year and have more flexible time to spend reading, brushing up on some skills, or reviewing some foundational information for a class.  We want our students to stay connected to the classroom but in a more informal, relaxed way.  The assignments listed below represent our 2020 Summer Learning program. To find your assignments, look at the grade you will be entering in the fall.


GRADE 6 & 7

English: Read Wishtree Katherine Applegate, 2017

Meet Red, a 216 year old red oak, who tells an engaging story of community, compassion and culture. As Red introduces the many birds and animals who shelter in his branches, the reader also encounters the human world below, with its complexities of ownership, friendship and even judgement and hatred. This fantasy with its talking animals is an important reminder about the power of memory, caring and education.

Be ready to share your thoughts about this book with your classmates.

Science: New developments in the world of science are occurring everyday, changing the way we view and understand our world.  Read or watch a program about science or technology that sparks your interest.  Be sure to look over this CURRENT EVENT FORM first so you know what to focus on while completing your work.  We will be sharing our current events throughout the first week of school.


English: Read a book of your choice from the Summer Reading List.

Be ready to share your thoughts about this book with your classmates.


English: Read The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Young Reader’s Edition William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer, 2016

ISBN-10: 9780147510426

A memoir of how one young man used science and ingenuity to change his circumstances. Kamkwamba’s family was devastated by a terrible drought that struck his Malawian village. Faced with no crops for food or income, young William looks to books to find a solution. What he discovers is a life-changing way to repurpose materials to provide for his family.

Be ready to share your thoughts about this book with your classmates.


English Choose ONE of the following and be prepared to discuss and write about whichever book you select.

Brown Girl Dreaming

Jaqueline Woodson, 2018

A coming of age story set in South Carolina and New York in the 1960s and 1970s, Woodson’s memoir is written in poems. These poems resonate with the remnants of the Jim Crow era and the intensity of the Civil Rights movement. This memoir will capture your heart as you experience Woodson’s growing awareness of herself as a part of a complicated family in a complicated time—which speaks to and about a multitude.

Northern Borders

Howard Frank Mosher, 2002

A coming of age story set in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, written by one of the state’s most noted contemporary authors. Told by a man looking back at his boyhood, the novel recounts scenes that many will recognize from life in the country: fairs, small towns, and little schools.



Language and Literature (CP): Read one book from the summer reading list and be ready to share your thoughts about the book with your classmates.

Language and Literature (SL & HL): Read the packet and answer the questions on the handout about personal strengths and anticipated challenges in this course.  (Approximate length of assignment – 60 minutes)

BIology (SL & HL): Biozone Workbook

Review topics 2.1-2.6: Molecular Biology/Biochemistry.  Read and answer questions on pages 51-73 (small page number in corner). 



Language and Literature (CP): Read one book from the summer reading list and be ready to share your thoughts about the book with your classmates.

Literature (HL): Read Brave New World

Aldous Huxley, 1932

An important classic, this book presents a thought-provoking and terrifying vision of a future where the ruling order controls through genetics, indoctrination and forced subjection. This book serves as a war cry in defense of freedom and humanity. A reaction to the rise of fascism, this book has much to say to a 21st century audience controlled in many ways by its culture. (Students were given a link to this text.) (Approximate length for assignment – 5 hours)

Extended Essay: Continue working on the draft of your extended essay.  (Approximate length for assignment – 10 hours)

Mathematics (AA & AI, SL & HL): You will be emailed a review activity in early August.  (Approximate length for assignment – 5 hours)

IB Theatre: Find a play on which you would like to prepare a Director’s Notebook. Make at least 1 journal entry documenting your selection process. (Approximate length for assignment – 3-5 hours)

World Languages (SL & Ab Initio): Create 2 journal entries over the summer–1 written and 1 oral (videos) around the five thematic units (more information will be sent out during the summer). (Approximate length of assignment – 4 hours)

World Languages (HL): Read chapters 5-8 of Un viejo que leía novelas de amor. Read and complete written questions for each chapter. One question per chapter will be selected for oral commentary (done via video). (Approximate length of assignment – 2 hours per chapter)

Theory of Knowledge (OPTIONAL): Complete presentation during the month of June. 8-10 hours total time, no classes, just individual check ins, as needed. Presentations scheduled for M/T June 29 or 30.