Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness

In order to meet the physical and emotional needs of our students, Long Trail provides support and educational services for our community. This includes coordinating with outside healthcare professionals.

If a student becomes ill or injured while at school, s/he must go to the School Nurse or, during athletics, a coach. S/he may not leave campus without an adult’s knowledge and permission. A parent or guardian will be contacted if it is necessary for a student to go home.


School Nurse


Academic, Social, Emotional (ASE) Coach
Licensed Educator; Licensed School Counselor (officially 11/23)

As the ASE Coach, Jody provides academic, social & emotional support to students on an individual and group basis, as well as SEL programming for the school community as a whole.  This support includes some of the following areas: time management, organization, prioritization, communication, test preparation, goal setting, social skill development, self-regulation skills, and balancing school – life obligations. Jody will meet your student at the level they are at and will customize sessions for their unique needs, utilizing engaging tools such as mindfulness, literature, and developmentally appropriate activities. Meeting with Jody is one of the best ways to personalize your students’ education and to set themselves up for success. 

Mental Health Therapist
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist (LCMHC)

Meghan Atkins is the licensed clinical mental health therapist at Long Trail School. Meghan’s role is to act as a mental health advocate and support all students, emotionally, throughout the year. Meghan offers short-term therapy for students, during the school year, who are struggling with their mental health and need support. Therapy goals are created to address each individual students’ needs. Meghan can also help students find therapists within the community, if long-term therapy is needed. Students do not have to engage in therapy in order to receive mental health or emotional support from Meghan. Students are always encouraged to stop by to take a break, chat, and learn some mental health tips and tricks along the way. Areas of focus include anxiety, depression, self-esteem, grief, and stress management.