Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

LTS families open their homes to LTStudies International students. This enriches your cultural experience and ensures a nurturing environment for your social, emotional, and academic growth.

Being nervous is natural because you do not know what to expect. However, be assured that your homestay family is looking forward to meeting you, making you feel like part of the family, and learning about your experiences and culture. Remember, just be patient and give yourself and your new family time to adjust.

Just as parents help their own children with homework questions, your homestay parents will help you. Also, please remember that you are expected to contact your teachers if you have questions!

All international students are required to have medical insurance either from their home country (if it covers them in the U.S.) or purchased before they arrive. If your illness requires medical attention, your homestay family will take you to a physician. They will make certain they and you understand the diagnosis and treatment and will obtain any medication needed.

There are Christian churches and Jewish synagogues in our community. For those who practice other religions, LTS can provide you with a list of religious institutions available to you. You will never be required to attend the religious services that your homestay family attends.

Families are as eager to learn about your culture as you are to share it with them. Asking the homestay family if it is OK for you to cook a meal is a welcome way to share your culture (Just remember to clean up!).

American food varies from home to home — remember America is a cultural melting pot. Like everyone, you will have certain likes and dislikes. After a period of adjustment in your homestay family, meals will become satisfying. Americans have a saying for their own children, “Try it, you might like it!”

Yes, just like any member of an American family, you will have some basic chores, such as keeping your room orderly and clean.

Please do not let problems become major issues. If your homestay family and/or you are experiencing difficulties, notify the Dean of Students right away. She will make every attempt to make your experience a memorable and happy one. Adjustments are possible.

Always keep an open mind and try to experience everything you can.
Being YOU is the key!