College & Career Counseling

College and Career Counseling

SCOTT MAGRATH, Director of College Counseling & Career Counseling

Scott Magrath has been serving our students and school with distinction in this capacity on a half-time basis since 2007. Scott deeply values our mission and culture and has guided several classes of LTS seniors through every stage of the college admissions process. He is an active participant in the regional and national work of the National Association of College Admissions Professionals.

Goals of College Counseling & Career Counseling

We look at college counseling as a process of self-discovery which begins way before the name of any particular college is ever mentioned. College counseling is indeed a platform for every student, within the context of a closely guided high school experience, to find his or her voice, explore his place within a community, discover her talents, discover his passions, and start to realize her ambitions for adulthood. Scott will be playing a critical role in our faculty-wide focus to help all students use their time in high school to discern the most fitting path to the next stage.

Roles of College Counseling & Career Counseling

Among his responsibilities, Scott will lead a comprehensive college counseling and planning program for all students beginning in Eighth Grade.  This portfolio includes advising students in mapping course selection, extracurricular involvement, internships and standardized tests to post-high school goals and selecting college preferences.  Our exceptional attention to college counseling and career coaching means that we know your child – and that your child and you enjoy ready access to advice and support.

Scott will continue to work with students and faculty to prepare materials to support college applications, including the coordination of essays, transcripts and recommendations.

Scott will continue to assist families to identify resources for scholarships and financial aid for college.

As part of the value within the overall LTS experience, Scott has assembled a fresh slate of high-quality resources on test prep, college selection, and financial aid.  He will be informing you about these offerings shortly.

As a fresh feature of his portfolio, Scott will coach students on internships and externships and summer jobs, including searching for opportunities, resume preparation and interview practices.  In general, we want to extend our learning environment to take advantage of the artistic, cultural and professional experiences available to our students off campus and to deepen the learning of all of our students, Sixth Grade through Twelfth Grade.

Relationships with a Range of Colleges and Universities

Being full-time will enable Scott to concentrate further on cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with admissions decision-makers at a relevant span of colleges. Dean of Faculty & Academics Mary Ellen Mega will also be directly involved in this outreach.

We want to offer the most current advice to our students on signature programs and the nuances of campus life. We intend to raise our school’s profile among the colleges to which our students apply and be in an even more favorable position to advocate for our students with Deans of Admissions. We also anticipate bringing more college representatives to our campus each Fall.