Friday, October 26


  • SOPHOMORES: Remember to send your Hoby Short Essay to Seth and Beth by October 26 if you are interested in participating in the seminar over Memorial Weekend 2019.
  • HAPPINESS AND VIRTUE ASSIGNMENT: Students and faculty should complete the assignment before Seth’s next class on Monday, October 29th.  The following Monday, November 5th will be the Grade Level meeting that will have discussions about the two classes and the questionnaire. The link to the homework assignment is here:
  • COSTUME HELP NEEDED: Anyone and everyone (esp. those of you who can hand-sew and/or have sewing machines) are needed. We’ll be at LTS from 10 am through at least 4 pm on November 3rd and 4th. Costume concept: STEAMPUNK! Please contact Anna.


22-Oct Springfield College MA 10:45 AM
23-Oct Castleton University VT 8:30 AM
23-Oct Eckerd College FL 10:00 AM
24-Oct Curry College MA 9:15 AM
25-Oct St. John’s College MD 2:20 PM
26-Oct Springfield College MA 9:15 AM
26-Sep University of Rochester NY 9:05 AM

Fri., Oct. 26
Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Blue Mountain 3:00
Sat., Oct. 27
Cross Country @ Thetford
Girls Varsity Soccer @ Danville 1:00

Fri., Oct. 26
Bosco sticks or ham salad sandwich bag lunch