School Supply List

School Supply List

Back to School shopping has a whole new look in 2020!

LTS offers the following considerations for school supply shopping:

  • Face masks (suggested three for laundering)
  • Backpack
  • Toolkit of writing utensils and craft-related supplies
  • Lined and possibly graph paper for in-class work and notetaking
  • And a 3 ring binder with subject dividers for at-home notes/work storage
  • Student Assignment Book (Grades 8 and up only)
  • Water bottle and insulated lunch bag
  • Personal electronic device – either portable or at home
  • Graphing calculator
  • Grades 6/7 only- a single subject, vinyl or other non-paper covered, notebook with 70+ pages

All items should be clearly labeled (on the outside preferably) with first and last name.  Please note that some teachers may have other small, specific requests for class needs once school begins.

  • Students are required to have a clean cloth face mask (no gaiters, bandanas, or single layer masks) to wear at school each day. Please be sure these are washed daily. Students should wear them anytime they are indoors except when eating or drinking.
  • Students will no longer be allowed to borrow pens and pencils from or loan them to other students or teachers. This includes the sharing of colored pencils, Sharpies, highlighters, rulers, scissors, glue  and other project-related materials. To address this change, please consider creating a toolkit including all above items for your child. Pens should be blue or black for classroom writing. You could use a standard pencil case or other small canvas container which the student will bring to classes in their backpack.
  • LTS suggests a single-subject spiral bound lightweight notebook with perforated lined pages. This notebook can be used in classes daily with the student shifting the day’s work into a larger organizational notebook by subject at home in the evening. A single-subject spiral bound lightweight notebook with perforated graph paper may also be needed for students in some math classes. This will ease heavy carrying of the multi-subject binder at LTS, but will require time management and organization at home; for younger students, this could even be a parent-child activity of sharing the day’s work. NOTE: Grades 6/7 will need a single subject, vinyl or other non-paper covered, notebook with at least 70 pages.
  • A student assignment book for keeping track of daily as well as long-term project work is suggested but not required. NOTE: Grades 6/7 will receive one at the start of school.
  • Water bottle and optional insulated lunch bag: Students will not be able to purchase drinks at LTS at the start of the year nor do we have disposable or traditional cups or glasses for drinking. Each student should bring their own water bottle which can be refilled from the water fountains on campus. Also, as we will not begin the year with a food service, everyone should bring their own daily snacks and lunch. If you wish to use an insulated lunch bag, please be sure to label it as this tends to be the #1 lost item in the building. If the lunch requires eating utensils, these will need to come from home. Paper bags are fine, but remember that food storage containers and utensils will need to be taken home at day’s end. There will be NO microwave use so please prepare a cold lunch which does not require cooking.
  • Personal portable electronic device for learning: Some students will have access to a desktop computer at home: terrific! For those students who have their own laptop, it may be beneficial to bring this to school (in a case or safely in their backpack). It may be allowed for in-class use and likely teachers will be instructing students on the various uses of our Google Classroom platform for lessons and assignments. This will allow students to feel more secure and competent with distance learning should the need arise. Chromebooks will be accessible on campus if needed. IT Director Jeremy Crumb will be sending out a survey separately regarding potential distance learning needs. Cell phones are not ideal for the amount of keyboarding which may be needed.
  • Math classes will require a graphing calculator for personal use. Students may wait until classes begin to consult faculty and determine which model will best fit their needs.