Welcome Aboard!

Welcome Aboard!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the first day of school?
Our academic calendar begins on Tuesday, September 8.  Please refer to the Opening 2020-21 page for details.

What are the regular school hours?
School begins at 8:00 am. Classes end at 3:00 pm Monday through Thursday and 12:30 pm on Friday.

Is hot lunch available?
COVID CHANGE: Hot lunch is temporarily suspended.  All students are required to bring their own bagged lunch to school.  School Store will not be open and microwaves will not be available.

TYPICALLY: Yes, hot lunch is available. A menu is sent weekly in E-News and posted on our website. The School Store has a selection of snacks and lunch items to purchase during lunch and break.
Students may pay cash for lunch and at School Store or parents may add money to his/her account so they may charge purchases.

What does my child do at 3:00?
COVID CHANGE:  Decisions are still being made on how/what sort of after school programming will happen for students not involved in athletics or drama.

TYPICALLY: Most students are involved in extracurricular activities like sports or drama. 6th and 7th grade students not involved in an extracurricular activity must attend Homework Club if they stay later than 3:15 pm. 8-12 grade students have free time for homework or to socialize.

How do I sign-up for busing?
COVID CHANGE:  Parents ware asked to bring their children to school the first two days.  We expect to be able to begin busing on Thursday, September 10 but are awaiting confirmation from the state.

TYPICALLY: If you are interested in your child riding the LTS bus to and from school, contact Katie Redding. The additional cost of the bus will be added to your contract. Bus routes are emailed to families in August.

How do I view my child’s schedule and grades?
LTS uses Educate, an online program, for academic schedules and grades. In August, parents receive an email with a link, along with a user name and password, to log in to their child’s account allowing access to view his/her schedule, grades and lunch/School Store account balance.

How does the school communicate information?
E-News, our emailed newsletter is essential to keeping informed of LTS happenings. One Call
Now is used to send emergency notifications, athletic updates and other notices as needed
and generally contain special announcements and important schedule changes. Please be sure we have your correct email and phone number on file.

What if I have a question about my child’s progress?
Academic concerns should be addressed with your child’s teacher. Parent-Student Conferences take place for 6th and 7th grade students in September and October, and for all students in January.

Who do I contact for absences?
Notify Irene Goyette (igoyette@longtrailschool.org) for all absences, late arrivals or early dismissals.

How do I find out what my child is missing when absent from school?
Each teacher has a Google Classroom with all of the necessary information needed for class. Families can keep up to date with homework assignments and class materials.

Does my child need a computer at school?
While having a computer at home is helpful for completing assignments, it is not necessary for your child to have one at school. LTS has Chromebooks available for use at school or to be signed out and taken home overnight as needed.  If your child needs a computer to bring home, please complete this form.

Where can I find a calendar?
The LTS academic and events calendar can be found online at longtrailschool.org/calendar.


It is Long Trail’s goal to involve as many student-athletes as possible in our co-curricular programs. We believe that our athletic programs are an extension of the classroom where valuable lessons are taught that help our students academically and in life outside of the school setting.

Mountain Lions

• Fall: Varsity Soccer, Varsity Cross Country, Golf
• Winter: Varsity Basketball, Rock Climbing, Dance
• Spring: JV Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Varsity Track & Field

• Fall: Soccer, Cross Country, Golf
• Winter: Basketball, Rock Climbing, Dance
• Spring: Ultimate Frisbee, Track & Field

Long Trail School’s athletic schedules and directions can be found online:
• longtrailschool.org/calendar
• longtrailschool.org/athletics Each sport has its own webpage with practice information, rosters, equipment list and a link to the game schedule.

August 10-13 – Fall Athletics Orientation
The student-athlete and at least one parent must attend if participating in a fall sport
August 13 – Varsity pre-season begins
August 18 – Middle school sports begin

Once classes start, all practices for upper and middle school sports run every day, Monday through Friday, that school is in session. Practices Monday through Thursday run from 3:10 pm to 4:45 pm. Friday practices run from 12:45 to 2:45 pm.

Each school year, every student-athlete must complete and hand in an Athletic Participation Form and Well Exam Form (or a similar form from your physician) by the first day of practice. Well Exam Forms need to be updated every 24 months. Student-athletes who do not have a physical form on file will not be allowed to practice or compete in games.

Long Trail does not hold tryouts and does not have “cuts”. Our athletic program is open to anyone who would like to participate, regardless of experience or skill level. In certain sports, the number of participants may require placement at the appropriate varsity or JV level but there will always be the opportunity to be a part of a team. If you have the interest and commitment to play a sport, then you can at Long Trail.

Preseason for upper school athletes is strongly encouraged. The foundation of the team is laid during this time and attendance is critical for team and individual progress.

For daily practices, players need proper clothing. Athletes should dress appropriately for the day’s weather forecast.

It is critical that Long Trail’s student-athletes make a full commitment to their team, teammates, and coach. Families should reflect on the student’s ability to attend all practices, competitions, and team events before participating in athletics. Please do not schedule appointments or vacations during practice or game times unless it is an emergency.


The website should be your first stop when looking for information. Most information which parents are looking for can be found online.

Weekly Newsletter
E–News is emailed to all families each Thursday and contains important notices and events for upcoming weeks.

Social Media
You can follow Long Trail on these social media platforms:
YouTube – search for LongTrailSchool
SmugMug Photo Gallery

Student Information
Long Trail uses Educate by Tads for students schedules, grades and to keep track of lunch/School Store accounts. Parents receive an email from the Dean of Academics with the link and log-in information for each in August.

One Call Now
Long Trail uses One Call Now (OCN) to send emergency and athletic notifications. Student and parent emails and phone numbers on file at LTS are uploaded to OCN. Emails and phone numbers can be edited by creating an account. Once your mobile device is registered in OCN, text “Alert” to 22300 to opt-in for text messages.

Student Images in Long Trail Media
Long Trail School frequently uses photographs and videos of students in various publications as well as on social media pages. Parent permission is granted as part of the TADS enrollment process. If you prefer that we not use your child’s likeness in an individual setting, be sure to check the “I DO NOT grant permission” box in TADS. In any event, please expect that your child will appear in group settings or activities without individual identification.


Long Trail School

Dorset, Vermont

Long Trail School

Dorset, Vermont