Grading and Evaluation

Grading and Evaluation

Report Cards

Report cards are distributed four times per year as follows:

  • 1st quarter: November
  • 2nd quarter/1st Semester: January
  • 3rd quarter: April
  • 4th quarter/2nd Semester/Final: June

In June, the academic year grade is calculated for each course. GPA is calculated and is reflected on the student’s transcript.

Students are evaluated in many ways, depending on the individual department’s goals and methods. Homework, classroom performance, tests and quizzes as well as special projects, papers and lab reports are some methods of assessment. In each course, faculty will review evaluation methods and grading policies. Teachers will also provide the student with their homework and late work policies.

Academic Honors

Honors are awarded for students at the end of the first and second semesters and for year-long performances.

  • High Honors – for students in grades 9-12 with semester grades of 93 or above in all courses (91 for IB courses)
  • Honors – for students in grades 6-12 with semester grades of 90 or above in all courses (88 for IB courses)


With the consent of the department chair and the Dean of Academics, a teacher may give a student an incomplete grade. This may occur only when circumstances are beyond the control of the student to complete assigned work in a reasonable time. Such circumstances include prolonged injury or illness, or instances when the student has been called away from school. If an incomplete grade is received, the student, teacher, advisor, and Dean of Academics will determine the best option for completing the coursework and the time frame within which the work will be finished.


Pass/fail may be used for some courses if pre-arranged and for students who qualify for this accommodation.