Why Choose an Independent School

Long Trail School is proud to among the approximately 2,000 independent schools across the United States, that  provide a high-quality education for 6th – 12th grade students in over 30 local towns in Vermont and neighboring New York.

Independent schools are “independent” because they each have a distinct education mission, are independently governed, and are supported by tuition payments, charitable contributions, and endowment revenue. What we offer is a commitment to achieving excellence and inspiring innovation.

High Academic Standards

Independent schools nurture intellectual curiosity, stimulate personal growth, and encourage critical thinking. A larger percentage of students at independent schools are enrolled in advanced courses than in public, parochial, and other private schools.

80% of LTS students are enrolled in 1 or more International Baccalaureate classes.

Small Classes and Individual Attention

Independent schools have low student-teacher ratios that encourage close connections between students and faculty.

The LTS average teacher-to-student ratio is 6:1.

Excellent Teachers

They usually teach in their areas of expertise and are passionate about what they do. With more autonomy within the classroom, teachers are able to develop a full understanding of how each student learns and what interests and motivates each individually.

LTS teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach.

Greater Likelihood of a Student Completing a Bachelor’s Degree or Graduate Degree

94% of LTS students continue their education after graduation.

Education for the Whole Child

Independent schools nurture not just students’ intellectual ability and curiosity but also their personal and social growth and civic conscience. Opportunities extend well beyond the classroom to athletic competitions, artistic pursuits, and school leadership experiences.

95% of LTS students are involved in extracurricular activities.


Schools maintain diverse and vibrant student communities and welcome and respect each family.

LTS welcomes all students and does not discriminate against any individual.

A Community of Parents Who Actively Participate in their Children’s Education

Independent schools promote regular communication among students, parents, and teachers to ensure everyone is working toward the same goals for the student.

The Opportunity to Choose a School with a Mission

You can select a school whose philosophy, values, and teaching approach is right for your child.

Review the LTS mission, vision, and values here.

And Most Important

An education that will pay dividends for a lifetime.

Did You Know?


Independent schools are accountable to their board of trustees, the families they serve, and the accrediting agencies that evaluate them. Every independent school undergoes a thorough evaluative process by a recognized accrediting body.  Long Trail is accredited by and holds memberships in several agencies, including the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

In addition, independent schools comply with all appropriate federal, state, and local laws and regulations including those that govern 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.


Independent schools work with families to help them meet their costs associated with their child’s education. Financial aid often includes grants, scholarships, or loans from schools and a variety of other sources.

LTS assists over 60% of their families with financial aid.

Good Neighbors

Independent schools have a strong history of reaching out to their communities through student and faculty involvement in neighborhood, town, or city initiatives; welcoming neighbors at school-wide events; and offering use of school facilities.