Student Life

Student Life


Music is a highly valued part of the LTS curriculum. Music students develop their skills in the appreciation, understanding, and performance of music.

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Studio and Digital Art

Our visual arts program not only equips students with techniques in color theory, drawing, painting, ceramics and other media, but also an understanding of the design, context, and emotional impact of compelling artwork.

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Long Trail bases the success of its drama program on the quality of the drama participant’s experience. To help ensure the greatest possible experience for all participants, Long Trail strives to provide the best possible direction, facilities and equipment. Student participants also share responsibility in creating a positive experience by supplying commitment, enthusiasm and dedication.

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Food at Long Trail

Kitchen Manager Deb Sheldon offers a regular and vegetarian lunch option daily along with some a la carte items.

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Health and Wellness

In order to meet the physical and emotional needs of our students, Long Trail provides support and educational services for our community. This includes coordinating with outside healthcare professionals.

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Student Organizations and Clubs

All students are required to be a member of at least one school club. Working together in and outside the classroom develops a well-rounded, engaged student body and community.

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Travel Education

Throughout the school’s history, our community has found value in travel as a core educational experience. As an International Baccalaureate school, LTS prides itself on expanding our students’ experiences beyond the four walls of a classroom. Through travel, students learn about other cultures and languages, uncover rich history, and connect amazing personal experiences to their own growth. Moreover, our students become independent, curious, and confident explorers who are willing to tackle and embrace new situations and opportunities at home and abroad.

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